Delivering high quality primary healthcare in rural areas.

Portability | Accessibility | Affordability 

Our remote health solutions enable rural communities to have access to primary health care facilities and the ability to connect remotely to doctors around the globe from any location, giving rural patients the opportunity to receive diagnosis from specialists without the burden and cost implication of travelling to the nearest major health facility  .

Remote health services can be added to fixed sites (new or existing clinics) or vehicles (new or existing) 

Patient vitals are taken using the Digimed 5 plus system (customized to clinic needs) 

Information from the Digimed 5 plus system is relayed to health care professionals for diagnosis

Each solution is uniquely designed to suite the end users needs and budget . The design considers the deployment scenario, medical equipment needs and available communication networks . 

Satellite antenna equipment is installed on fixed sites or vehicles when it is determined that there is a need for the clinic to operate outside of terrestrial network coverage areas. The solution operates using a least-cost routing system which means communications will always choose the most-cost effective channel available

The Digimed Five Plus medical suite is designed to operate efficiently and cost effectively over low bandwidth satellite which means that even in remote areas data can be shared with healthcare professionals globally. Patients will also be able to perform secure video conferencing with healthcare professionals in a cost-effective way over the satellite link. 

Bringing the specialist to the patient anywhere,anytime.